Commercial & Regulatory Assessments

What We Do

For private equity and strategic investors, Elite does commercial due diligence on over USD 300 million of direct investment each year in pharmaceuticals, devices, and medical services. For late stage venture backed product developers and mid-sized public companies, Elite does market opportunity and regulatory assessments to support market entry of new pharmaceutical, diagnostics, and medical devices.

Our Services:

Commercial Due Diligence: For private equity investors, we completes investment assessments on over USD 300 million of direct investment in the Chinese pharmaceutical medical device and hospital services industry annually. With 10 year track record of sales forecasting within +/- 5% accuracy, our trusted relationships with leading private equity and strategic investors are based on our deep industry experience and accurate forecast generated by quantitative investment model

Opportunity and regulatory (CFDA) assessments: For late stage venture backed product developers and small & mid-sized companies, Elite can help to assess the market potential in China from both the regulatory and the commercial perspective

  • Regulatory feasibility and pathway
  • Market dynamics and competitive landscape
  • Commercial model sustainability assessment
  • Product growth sustainability assessment
  • Pressure test and sales forecasting
  • Profitability benchmarking

Past Projects

Carlyle: leading private TCM company
Carlyle Logo

Commercial due diligence

Sales forecasting


Pfizer: HisunPfizer Logo

Joint venture partner evaluation

Sales forecasting


SMART Medical (endoscopy device)

Market research

Sales forecasting

Entry strategy