Sales & Marketing Training

What We Do

For domestic and multinational pharmaceutical and medical device companies, Elite offers sales and marketing training. Elite has performed training sessions for over 1,500 pharmaceutical and medical device companies, and more than 100,000 professionals have graduated from our training programs. Elite’s team of accomplished and highly experienced industry veterans can offer a unique blend of insights and techniques to improve your organizational performance.

Our Strengths

Dedicated to the pharmaceutical, medical device, and healthcare industry

Proprietary training system and tools for sales, marketing, and management

  • SIM Training System
  • SMART Training System and Management Software
  • CARE Training System for Healthcare Organizations

Team of experienced trainers composed of industry veterans with extensive hands-on experience

Past Projects:

Roche LogoShanghai Roche

Marketing Management for Non-Marketing Professionals


Learning Opportunities for New Physicians

hansohJiangsu Haosen

Annual Training Plan for Marketing Department